Students and professionals of architecture, architectural technology, engineering, and interior design are invited to participate in a Smart Home of the Future design contest. Sponsored and coordinated by Ifill Homes Inc., This two stage design contest seeks proposals that are innovative, pragmatic, and that can lead to an actual built prototype.

Contest participants are encouraged to think openly and broadly about the lifestyle of the future and what modern living looks like. For example, functional design, convenience and practicality.


The home should be approximately 250 square metres (2500 square feet) to 400 square metres (4000 square feet) and imagined on a flat suburban site in Southern Ontario, 16 metres by 40 metres (52.5 feet by 131.25 feet), with similar lots continuing on either side.
Ifill Homes, Inc. is seeking ideas that are realizable, pragmatic, and cost-effective. In Stage One, participants are invited to submit their proposal both digitally and on one A-1 sheet by Friday, January 1, 2019. A jury will then select three finalist projects for further development in Stage Two, which will be due at a date in the Spring of 2019 to be determined.

Register/Submit Deadline:  WED, Jan 1, 2020 12 PM EST


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