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Craftsmanship and sourcing the best materials. But it’s also things like good planning, good listening and good communication. If you’d like to find out more about how we do it, read on.


The design plans developed with the Design Consultant are now revised with the technical components to be construction ready and in a format to submit for permit approval. We’ve identified all relevant permits needed for the project and we’ll be taking care of getting those at this point.

The Project Manager will make a site assessment to take more measurements, identify relevant issues and get all utility locates.



A contract for the construction phase is presented, which outlines in detail all elements of the project, including costs, timeline and selections schedule. We establish a firm finish date and will work to achieve this throughout the entire project.

The project timeline is carefully scheduled to coordinate an extensive number of variables, so that every phase is completed on time without holding up the next. Making any final selections, like finishes or certain electrical locations for example, are scheduled so that the customer always knows what is expected and when.


The project progresses smoothly through proper planning and good team communication. The customer’s Design Consultant, Project Manager and Site Supervisor are in regular contact, ensuring all details are relayed and any issues are properly addressed.

Site inspections and quality control reviews are scheduled on a regular basis.

The customer is kept up to date with construction progress via regular emails and phone calls from their Project Manager, and they will also be in regular communication with their Design Consultant throughout the project.


As scheduled, the construction is completed. We’ll arrange a visit with the customer to do a walk-through to inspect all the details together. Because it’s our mission to listen and address customer preferences or concerns along the way, this meeting ensures that all the little jobs are cleaned up and the customer is 100% thrilled with the work.

We will go over your Warranty, one of the most extensive in the industry, and leave the customer with a manual for your future reference.



Even after the renovation or construction has taken place, it’s still important to us to build our relationship with the customer. Should the customer want to discuss the project, or any issues that come up in the future, their Project Manager will always be available to help. He will also contact the customer to arrange a follow-up visit at the one year mark to make sure there are no new concerns or issues.



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